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It Didn't Have to Be This Way, General Motors

July 7, 2008

SO I HEAR General Motors is in trouble. Even heard whispers of the ‘bankruptcy’ word the other day. Today, GM looks at job cuts and to possibly shed some ‘brands’:

…the company will continue to reconsider its mix of brands. One under examination is Saturn, a maker of economy cars that analysts believe has never made money in its nearly 20-year history.
[Wall Street Journal: GM Weighs More Layoffs, Sale of Brands]

Which might remind one of that movie from a couple of years ago, about the plug-in sports car, the one made by General Motors’ Saturn division: Who Killed the Electric Car?

It just seems like— You could have— That a commitment to this technology— What with today’s concern over gasoline prices— Fuck all of you backward dinosaurs who didn’t see this coming is all Your Montag is trying to say.

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