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Please, Please, Please, Let Me, Let Me, Let Me, Get the COTL Submissions I Want This Time

July 9, 2008

COTL LogoCarnival of the Liberals #69 (heh) will be hosted right here next Wednesday, but we need your work! The submissions are already trickling in, but we’re looking for a deluge here. Your Montag is ten times angrier, twice as cynical and more completely alienated from “politics” now than the last two time’s Stump Lane has hosted this carnival, so it’s going to take extra special effort to kiss up to this COTL host.*

Do submit before, say, 8:00pm EDT Tuesday July 15th— (The sooner the better!) —and we’ll try to have your carnival up by noon on Wednesday.

Submissions should be made using the Blog Carnival form.

* Hint: check Stump Lane’s mission statement (courtesy philosopher Slavoj Žižek) for a vague idea of how to get a submission on the inside track.

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