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Bold Energy Independence Plan is Bold

June 26, 2008

OIL AND COAL isn’t the only energy reserves we have tied up in our wild areas, mountain tops and just off our ocean shores, ya know. There’s alternative energies in there too!

The coming winter is going to be a difficult one, especially for those living in the colder areas of the country.* But Your Montag has a bold proposal to help people heat their homes with cheap, independent, domestic, green, alternative energy:

There’s more than 400 cord of firewood in this bad boy alone! [Image from here]

Now, I’m not saying we should start logging the national forests immediately. I’m just saying we should give the president the authority to do so if it should become absolutely necessary.

*Screw you people who live where it’s warm year round, at least we don’t have to import our drinking water!

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