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They Use Wedge Issues but the Press Doesn't Mind

March 29, 2006

1. Justices Hint That They’ll Rule on Challenge Filed by Detainee — Justice Souter: “Isn’t there a pretty good argument that suspension of the writ of habeas corpus is just about the most stupendously significant act that the Congress of the United States can take . . . and therefore we ought to be at least a little slow to accept your argument that it can be done from pure inadvertence? . . . You are leaving us with the position of the United States that the Congress may validly suspend it inadvertently. Is that really your position?” — Don’t think of this in terms of whose rights deserve to be protected under the US Constitution, but rather as a human rights issue. Where are we if we deny the human rights our nation was founded on?
2. Halliburton overcharged for Iraq oil work: report — Who’d ‘ve thunk it?
3. Transcript: Text of Bush’s Announcement — To answer JR’s question in the comments yesterday, I don’t have a theory on Card’s resignation. But I did almost puke while reading the transcript of the three-way that broke out when the resignation was announced to the press. My eyes, they burn.
4. Divisive debate seen for immigration billThey’ve told us it’s going to be a big campaign issue. Now they tell us it is a “divisive debate.” In order to have a debate, by definition, there must be ‘divisions.’ And there are always divisions. But, they seem to be setting up the tried and true ‘bitterly divided nation’ narrative for yet another election. Why? That’s Infotainment, I guess. The people perpetuating this narrative are talking out of their asses and when they do it, they compromise their journalistic credibility.
5. An image.

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  1. March 30, 2006 12:44 AM

    Yeah, when Card busted out cryin’ I almost threw something at the television. I think Card is a patriot. After all, if it weren’t for him, Bush might still be sitting in that Florida classroom.

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