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We Now Have Features

November 11, 2005

We’ve upgraded the shit out of the site. There are a few new features to be aware of.

For instance:

  • Now, if you don’t like Jack’s supercool rebellious dark black theme, you can select Jack’s light background, dark text, vanilla theme “Stump Lite (Beta)”. It’s only called “beta” because we may continue to tweak it a bit since it’s brand spankin’ new. It is stable and won’t crash your browser or anything like that. You can make this selection over there, in the right hand column under “themes.”
  • Also, scope the “Recent Comments” section, again on the right. That’s just the five most recent, newest, hottest comments around. So, grab some recognition. Post a comment, reader-person-type. For love and glory.
  • Above these, you’ll notice there is— starting from the top —a five star review of the site, (written by me,) a humorous picture, (by Fehlly-Fehll,) and some really dry, probably unnecessary, instructions on how to help your web browser help you.
  • Conveniently, the whole header image up top is now “clickable” and will take you to the main page of the blog.
  • Enjoyably, gravatars (globally recognized avatars) have been added to the comment area. If you have a gravatar, and you leave a comment, it will appear next to your reasoned and eloquent prose.
  • Additionally, because we’re only thinking of you, Heretofore Silent Commenter, we’ve added “quicktags” to the comment posting area. They make it so easy for you, see?
  • Lastly, Your Illustrious Authors have applied a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License to every original thing we type into this monstrosity we call Blog, and every original photo we post. Which means you can do anything you want with the stuff, so long as you don’t make any money off of it, and you credit it with Your Illustrious Author’s name and a link back here to The Stump.

Apologies to anyone who stumbled across the site while we were working the kinks out. It may have been broken or ugly; but now it’s fucking dynamite!

Rock on.

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