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Gloom and Doom 11-10-2005

November 10, 2005

Is US planning an Iraq-style ‘regime change’ in Syria?
“some of these [Bush Administration] officials are saying privately that there is an active debate about whether “regime change” [in Syria] should be a US goal.” — We have been pondering this possibility here at the Stump for a while. And don’t forget Iran and Syria are the same thing.
U.S., EU Ready to Accept Iran Nuke Program — More telling: Would Iran accept such an offer?
Congress may curb some Patriot Act powers — Article about congress moving to limit federal power under the Patriot Act. Most striking: “23 percent [of Americans] support secret searches of Americans’ homes without informing the occupants for a period of time.”
Remain Calm – New York Has an All-Hazards Plan If Distaster Strikes — Is New York ready for the apocalypse? —

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