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November 12, 2005


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  1. November 14, 2005 9:52 AM

    This guy doesn’t look relaxed to me. The furrowed brow, the creases at the edge of his eyes. This is the expression of a man “relaxing” while his kids scream and flail around right next to his head. He waits for the tackling hug and the inevitable knee to the groin. This is a man expecting to be smote.

    Look how he clenches his pipe between his teeth. Is this the look of a man enjoying the sweet smells and tastes of fine tobacco? Or is his pipe-biting the nervous tic of accustomed workplace-induced stress.

    Yes, he has loosened his tie. But he is still wearing his tie! It dangles from his neck in some loosened guise of “relaxation.” But the noose, lying in wait, will draw tight with one cell phone call from the office that can’t operate without him.

    Are his hands dangling over the top of his deck chair, or his fingers interlaced behind his head? No. This man doesn’t know how to relax. He could just as well be lying on the rack being disemboweled like some kind of buttoned down William Wallace.

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