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Oh, the Inanity! (Part 1 of Infinity)

March 3, 2008

JOHN McCAIN made tremendous strides this weekend toward being perceived as the presidential candidate folks would most like to have a beer with. The candidate displayed mastery of TWO gas grills, and said things like,

“I have so much nervous energy, it keeps me moving,” said McCain, dressed in jeans, running shoes, a sweatshirt and baseball cap as he used tongs to flip the ribs.
[The Swamp: John McCain, grill master supreme]

(i.e.: McCain admits to suffering symptoms of Adult ADD, yet can still manage simple tasks such as meticulously selecting and donning the weekend uniform of the American Man, and using basic culinary tools.)

In stark relief against the colorful backdrop of down-home Americana, was the gritty trench warfare between Liberal Negativity and the Altricial Birdlike Innocence and Open-Mouthed Respectfulness of Conservatives that flared up in the comments.

Boy, an article about john mccain grilling and mr. john hussein and weinerdog43 make negative comments… And liberals say conservatives are mean!!! Unbelievable… An article about grilling and these 2 liberals still say something negative…
[Commenter brian at The Swamp]

And here Your Montag thought “Get your chardonnay loser,” was an entirely appropriate and symmetrical response to the gravitas of the original article.

[H/T Think Progress: McCain Hosts His ‘Base’ For A BBQ: The ‘Maverick’ And The Press Are Back Together Again]

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