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I’m the King of the World!

March 2, 2008

It’s not like we’re going to sail off the edge of the Earth!

THE PRESIDENT: …the purpose is to encourage our consumers. The purpose is to give them money — their own to begin with, by the way — but give them money to help deal with the adverse effects of the decline in housing value. Consumerism is a significant part of our GDP growth, and we want to sustain the American consumer, encourage the American consumer and, at the same time, we want to encourage investment. So we’ll see how the plan works.
[White House: Press Conference of the President]

Having trouble trying to decide whether to make a house payment, or buy two tanks of heating oil with your stimulus check? Buy a Blu-ray player and some discs. That’s the patriotic thing to do.

  1. March 2, 2008 3:20 AM

    Then chuck it out in 18 months’ time and buy the newer model…
    Patriotism requires constant vigilance!

  2. March 2, 2008 10:04 AM

    Yes, as with all electronic equipment you should plan on about an 18 month replacement cycle. (Unless you hate America, of course.)

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