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Punish Your Sorting Machine

August 17, 2007

Princeton tops U.S. News rankings, again…the magazine has responded to one complaint: that the rankings punish schools for enrolling low-income students. For the first time this year, U.S. News is factoring the percentage of students receiving Pell Grants into its calculation of a school’s “graduation rate performance.” — “Punish schools for enrolling low-income students”? Cry me a fucking river! Here’s some violin music. — Is this to say there is something inherently wrong with low-income students that disadvantages schools that let too many in? How about this: the rankings stop punishing schools that fail their low-income students, or schools that can’t/won’t root out certain forms of elitism. — [Dartmouth College was either punished or not punished enough to earn a ranking of 11th.] —

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