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June 11, 2007

Consensus Reached

Well, lots of stuff happened this week in the comments on this post, where consensus seems to have been reached with regard to changing the template for this blog here:

  • Consensus say, “keep the green and purple color scheme! And the title of the blog!”
  • Consensus also say, “you might want to change the ‘hand of god’ picture. After all, you just plain stole it from that Chris guy.”
  • Consensus didn’t exactly say, “that ‘pizza quote’ from Fafnir is a testimonial for Fafblog! not this place! That’s false advertising!” But consensus seems as if it might be saying, “We could replace that quote with something from Freddy’s great post about the Fafblog! community.”
  • Lastly, while consensus didn’t say much about it at all, The Awards Committee suggests changing the font of the title from the one that was, again, stolen from that Chris guy, to perhaps some sort of blocky comic book font that screams excitement.

One other item for consideration, and one that must be broached delicately, so as not to give the impression that anyone around here is fishing for compliments… For the sake of first time visitors, and in the unlikely event another blog critic takes a run at IMFB,S!, perhaps some links over in the right-hand column to some of the better posts in the archives, the solid gold greatest hits, if you will. Nominations will be appreciated. Otherwise, the authors’ extraordinary hubris will allow each of us to select the ones of which we are most proud.

Discussion on these matters can continue until the changes are made. The Awards Committee has learned that Ken from Ken’s Kitchen is busy with the business of Reality, and so too, it can surely be assumed, is the Graphics Department from Ken’s Kitchen. Therefore the design changes will likely be delayed in the short term, (as “header redesign” responsibility is being foisted off on him whether he realizes it or not,) and posting may be slow this week as well.

Also, welcome to the intrepid MR. Bill who has joined the ranks of IMFB,S! contributers. (I’ll get in touch soon, and by soon I mean in a few days, as I suffer the same busy-ness affliction as Ken.) Everyone else, goad yourselves, and take a minute also to goad MarkC into doing the same. There is strength in numbers, and also in Mr. C’s wit, which is cutting as a Samurai sword.

Oh yeah, and mistah charley, ph.d. makes I Miss Fafblog Commentator of the Week, Spot! for his treatise on slaying evangelists with solicitude:

…here is a literally true anecdote from my personal life, and something that happened this very day –

two women of a certain age, or beyond, one of each color [i.e. the two regular American colors, white and black – not all these fancy Juannie-come-lately Latinos, Asians, etc. etc.] came to my door today, inquiring about my religious affiliation etc. – they had Bibles in their hands…

Good one, mistah charley, ph.d.! And extra special thanks to Blue Gal and Crooks and Liars for linking on Friday and quadrupling our number of visits for the week!

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