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May 21, 2007

Democracy at the Tip of a Missile

Let’s try something new. Dip your fingers in the color #990099 (Fafblog! purple) ink and get participatory! Vote early and often. The nominees are listed below. Use the voting thingy in the right hand column to vote. Canvass, give stump speeches, endorsements, nominations for write-in candidates, etc. in the comments. Polls will be open for at least 23 hours.


  • MR. Bill for “…what to you guys think the Lord is trying to tell us when J. Falwell drops dead? ‘Get a Grip’ …”
  • hypatia XY for “…what to you guys think the Lord is trying to tell us when J. Falwell drops dead? Exercise regularly and watch your cholesterol?”
  • MarkC for “I like Romney’s new metric. What does it matter what happens in Iraq, as long as we can ‘double Guantanamo’? …”
  • Moff Jerjerrod for A Cautionary Tale of the Futility of Doubling Things.
  • thepuppethead for “Wallace Stevens hit .264 with 14 HR, 53 RBI, 12 stolen bases, and a 68% Crippling Ennui percentage…”
  • Everybody, including the Pope and his hamburger soup for The Brilliant Philosophical/Theological Discussion of Thomas’ Man Eating Lions. [With this kind of brainpower at our disposal, the next BACK-TALK post should probably solicit in some way prescriptions for world justice and equality. Either that or an aswer to the ages old question: “Ginger or Mary-Ann?”]
  • e. nonee moose for “Maybe you’re a real Fafblog fan, but…”
  • Other (specify in the comments.)
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