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Really, They Should Probably Be Stopped

May 18, 2007

RatatatIt’s Montag’s Myspace Music MFriday.

WHEREBY Your Montag traverses the myspace music scene, follows the trail of comments from one page to the next and picks out the song I like best from each artist. Because the internets are made out of tubes, the links vacuum you— or more accurately, an electronic representation of yourself —up and over to the artist’s myspace music page. Kinda like that canister at the bank drive-through.

  1. GumEmit (London) — Polite guitar driven English alterna-rock. Thanks to TNG for the recommendation. He was right about Emit.
  2. Attack Attack AttackEJECTORSEAT (Derby, UK) — Polite guitar driven English alterna-rock with added electronic keyboard.
  3. All Runways remixComputerman (UK) — Polite English alterna-rock, verging on electronica, though still with some guitar.
  4. DESTROY EVERYTHINGLadytron (Liverpool, UK) — The trend noted above continues.
  5. Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From AboveCSS (Brazil) — I honestly thought, “Ladytron reminds me a little of CSS,” before I noticed that CSS were in Ladytron’s ‘friend space.’ And, though I was already well-aware of how CSS are the reigning sovereign rulers of all music, and therefore not “new to me,” I nonetheless jumped at the chance to click over to their myspace.
  6. Loud PipesRATATAT (BROOKLYN, New York) — [Pictured.] They’ve got themselves down for “Rock / Electronica / Hip Hop” I’d call it “Really cool rock/electronica/Hip Hop.” Or, “Possibly the best thing since CSS.” (IF YOU DO NOTHING ELSE TODAY, check out the Biggie Smalls remix while you’re over there!)
  7. Death PerceptionWe Must Be Stopped (Dayton, OH) — At first, I thought I was being let in on a (somewhat entertaining) joke; but the track entitled Sabina gave me pause. Now I suspect the band name is apt. Still not sure, though, so let’s go with [see title of post.]
  8. Music is HappinessThe Octopus Project (Austin, TX) — Something nice you haven’t quite heard the likes of before.
  9. Manga ManPEELANDER-Z (New York, NY) — From their site: “Japanese Action Comic Punk.” Indeed. (If you listen to the recommended selection, be sure to give it a chance to get going, after the cumbersome intro.)

Your Montag’s top four* picks, for those who don’t have ‘that kind of time’: 6, 5, 4 and 9.

Suggestions? If you know of, (or are,) a myspace music artist that might value the exposure that a glancing mention on a D-list blog can bring, leave a comment here or correspond with me via electronic mail.

* In the past, it’s been an disappointingly easy process of elimination to ascertain the top four. This time it was really hard!

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  1. May 18, 2007 6:19 PM

    Hey, glad you liked Emit. Ejectorseat’s really cool too. Thanks for introducing them to me.

  2. May 25, 2007 4:47 PM

    The reigning sovereigns of all music are playing a show in Cambridge on June 2 and I’m GOING TO BE IN F-ING L.A. Suddenly I hate my life. [; click “Downstairs”]

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