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Dear Representative,

May 18, 2007

Though I loathe counterproductive political witch hunts, it would seem that the need to discover and understand the extent of this administration’s actions of the past several years, and to seek justice, clearly rises above the level of witch hunting. I write you to urge you to investigate the administration’s criminal activities. I am especially concerned with the dual issues emerging from recent testimony before congress.

First is the evidence— arising from the ongoing investigation into the firing of several US attorneys —of obstruction of justice, with ‘electoral’ motives: pressuring prosecutors to pursue bogus voter fraud cases, which could be used to bolster Republican voter suppression efforts.

Second, and more importantly, is James Comey’s testimony regarding the Terrorist Surveillance Program, which the justice department under John Ashcroft couldn’t support. What was the true extent of that unlawful program? How bad must it have been that John Ashcroft’s justice department couldn’t get behind it? It seems the administration has thus far successfully concealed what was going on. It is long past time to uncover it.

Furthermore, what both of these examples reveal, is evidence that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales the chief law enforcement officer of the nation is actively involved in concealing the administration’s (and the party’s) extralegal activities. These extralegal activities are crimes against democracy; by which I mean The People you represent.

Glen Greenwald says Comey’s testimony describes “…the behavior of a government completely unmoored from any constraints of law, operating only by the rules of thuggery, intimidation, and pure lawlessness.” There is an urgent need for justice that only continues to grow with time. It is past time to lay aside concerns of political expediency and for congress to aggressively seek justice in these cases.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to your response on these two matters.

Your Constituent Montag

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