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April 17, 2007

We survived the storm. Though, many places don’t have power yet. Last evening there were 123,000 customers without electricity. There are a lot of roads closed due to flooding, and there is more flooding expected today at high tide. The wind has thankfully died down.

The national guard is out in force directing traffic at the closed roads and intersections with powerless traffic signals. The humvees they travel in are used to block off the closed roads. I remember the humvees being forest green when I was a kid. They are now painted desert tan in kind of a weird contrast to the evergreens, and the rest of the natural backdrop here as it struggles despite this spring’s weather to turn green again.

Here is a picture of a large fallen portion of a tree, (a near miss!), on the Montag homestead:
Storm damage
It fell in about the only direction it could without hitting anything.

It seems that many people are struggling with flooding basements, and will be dealing with roof repairs over the coming days. Having been through a few hurricanes down south, while the winds weren’t as strong here, locally, the aftermath looks pretty much the same.

Making it especially hard to take, is that this week is school April vacation: the week that has always been remembered by me as the first time each year that fully warm— no jacket required, go outside and get some sun —weather starts. Not this year. We might see the sun and sixty degree temps by this weekend, though.

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