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April 16, 2007

Very quickly, because I’m being pelted by the torrential rains and heavy winds of a violent Nor’easter, and the power could fail at any moment, I’m going to try and get this IMFBCOTW,S in under the wire, so to speak.

Your I Miss Fafblog Commentator of the Week, Spot! is none other than MarkC. And not just because of his most recent perhaps overly kind, but very much appreciated, words.

No, this award is in recognition of the dystopian future world he painted for us in what we can only hope will become the foundation of the next great cautionary novel for our times.

Abington v. Shemp, The Sequel

Mr. Shemp was proud that he no longer had to send his child to a public school where each day began with a Bible reading. But he was uneasy about the fact that there were 75 children per run-down classroom, while the nearby voucher-supported Christian Academies had small classes held in new buildings and on pristine sports fields. He thought he would contact someone about it, but found that social services in his area had been outsourced to the neighborhood Foursquare Pentecostal Church. Dispirited, he applied to the government to open up a faith-based program to eliminate crab grass from suburban lawns. He soon was able to retire to the Caymans and lived happily ever after.

Well played, MarkC!

Thanks to the latest site to mention our fair I Miss Fafblog, Spot! in it’s links section: Trick of the Light. The vote of support fits the very definition of ‘warm fuzzy.’ Thanks!

If the power does go out, I’ll see y’all when it comes back!

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