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Myspace Isn't Just for Worrying About What Your Teen Might Be Doing There

April 13, 2007

DJ HellI once said I wanted to support independent musicians somehow…

Here are nine not exactly random artists who promote themselves online. As if playing a game of musical ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,’ Your Montag traversed the myspace music scene collecting these nine selections, following the trail of comments from one page to the next. I’ve picked out the song I liked best from each artist’s page. Links will take you to them.

I say “not exactly random” because, by following the comments, you tend to encounter more similar than dissimilar artists. Aside from one anomaly, I seem to have struck an electro/electronica vein. I’ve included locations for this was an international journey. Other than the first one, these are all new to me, too.

  1. Buying Vaule RoughAutomated Arm (Beaver Valley, Pennsylvania) — Ambient, but with a beat.
  2. Gravity Always WinsEverybody Loves Irene (Jakarta, Bandung, Indonesia) — Trip-hop revisited, not too shabby.
  3. Heavy RadioThe League (Paris, Ile-de-France, France) — No, man, that’s not Freedom Rock. It is guitar driven, though.
  4. StarLiteThe Virtuadolls (Morayshire, Scotland, United Kingdom) — Disco(y).
  5. My World NowDani Dimitri (Portugal) — Techno(y)
  6. NanotubesDatapunk (Germany) — Apparently this guy is a legend for inventing ‘electro.’ I wish I could say I knew that. Or that I knew what ‘electro’ was before just now.
  7. Never Be AloneDJ Hell (Germany) — Pictured.
  8. AssesorFedor Svolotch (Russian Federation) — Vaguely menacing-sounding Russian rap(?) vocals over something that sounds like Korn, ICP and Rammstein running a conga-line on Portishead… I’m overstimulated, I need to lay down.
  9. UFO WranglerzCactus On Fire (West Virginia) — If your dusty old Super Nintendo could be used as a musical instrument, it might sound something like this.

You probably can’t help but notice, I haven’t rated or reviewed them. (Aren’t the microscopic descriptions enough, really?) If you’re pressed for time, start with #4, 1, 2, and 5. If you don’t like electronic music, head straight for the anomaly: #3.

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