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The Horrors of Always Being Right

April 12, 2007

Here is another one from Your Montag’s new favorite horrorshow I can’t take my eyes off Dakota Voice Blog.

It is interesting in that looking at the same information, my new friend Bob Ellis and I both come to a similar conclusion. It might be phrased, “Hey, look at what Britain is doing. That’s messed up! We shouldn’t let the same thing happen here in the US.” However, Mr. Ellis phrases it this way: “Hey, look at what Britain is doing. That’s messed up! If the same thing happens here in the US it will be because of the liberals!”

Yeah, so the politics of politics is ugly (with no alibi,) but we may as well play along. Fuck finding room for agreement. This politics is a politics of division! Here is a contra-argument to Ellis’ thesis:

[Italics mine, everything else plagiarized.]

Big Brother Fights Neighbors from Hell

This is the kind of “supernanny” “I’m your daddy” stuff you get in a socialist an elitist authoritarian environment.

From Fox News:

The special housing units are the latest government program intended to tackle anti-social behavior, a catchall term for alcoholism, petty crime and abusiveness. Prime Minister Tony Blair has made the fight against anti-social behavior a priority in his final term in office, claiming that community links have been weakened by indifferent parenting and a rowdy youth culture.

The supervised housing units are meant to support a series of government social work projects targeting problem families with measures ranging from near-daily visits from social workers to — in more difficult cases — removal to the special housing.

Particularly unmanageable families would be sent to units where they would be subject to curfews, visiting restrictions, and monitored 24 hours a day by social workers.

I’m sure most of these folks are a rough bunch, aren’t making the best decisions in coping with their situation, but who defines “unmanageable?” What if your neighbors just don’t like you[?] Do you really want government telling you where you can live?

Are some of you liberals conservatives SURE you want the United States to be like socialist Europe authoritarian surveillance state Brittan?

[End plagiarism.]

Yeah, that’s funner than trying to agree on it. Some people you just can’t reach, I suppose. More from the horrorshow later. (Possibly.)

No, wait. Here’s something people might be able to agree upon: live eagle webcam is neat.

Welcome to BioDiversity Research Institute’s live eagle webcam. The camera is 70 feet up in a white pine tree on the coast of Maine, and is providing live video of a nesting pair of bald eagles, 24 hours a day. These eagles are the most successful pair in the state. They have nested at this site for 13 years, and raised 20 offspring.

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