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Blog Against Theocracy: School Prayer

April 8, 2007

Here is a Sunday Blog Against Theocracy post that is not quite as concise as our Sunday posts would normally be.

Some people are very concerned and deeply moved by the decline of prayer in our public schools. Many seem to possess the misconception that prayer is not allowed, or has been outlawed in public schools.

But, guess what. Prayer is allowed in public schools. As a matter of personal freedom, it should be. Students may pray in school, so long as it is not disruptive of instructional time. Teachers and administrators, as well, may pray in school, so long as students do not feel compelled to join them if they do not wish to.

The reasons to reinstate, or allow, teacher/administrator led prayer time, in school are not grounded in an interest of personal religious freedom. These efforts are about indoctrination.

So, I stand in favor of your personal freedom to pray in a public school, while standing against indoctrination.

While we’re on it, maybe we should reconsider that little patriotic prayer students in public schools still feel compelled to recite every morning…

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