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The Right is on Top of the Empire State Building Knocking Our War Planes Out of the Sky

April 5, 2007

The Left has been lashing out at me, The Right, for too long. It’s time I responded. Please remember if you click through the links to not forget to leave withering personal attacks in the comments. It’s our most effective weapon.

The Right has been waging class-warfare … the right makes up the elite in this country, and … we are not going to positively impact peoples’ lives and change our country by compromising on values – nor will we win elections and govern progressively. — Do I detect a twinge of jealousy? I notice it’s only class warfare when I do it; but rolling back tax guts to feed an already obese nanny state? That’s just fine and dandy.

…given the systematic way in which The Right has institutionalized Islamophobia, is it surprising that american muslims online are polarized in opposition and embrace the left en masse? Reap what you sow, o Right! — The Islamoxtremists love no one. That embrace you feel? The tendrils of Islamarchy tightening around your neck. No, it is I who will have to mow down these weeds you sow today, El Lefte. (And damn you for making me mix metaphors.)

…House Speaker Nancy Pelosi [wore] a traditional Muslim women’s head scarfe while she was visiting Syria … The Right has said she is selling out to jihadists or some other such bull[NAUGHTY]. Funny how none of [him] said a single thing about the First Lady of the United States, Laura Bush, doing the same thing. Was Laura Bush being “subservient” … ? Another day, another act of blazen hypocrisy from the screechy right. — But I have never espoused this quaint notion of “women’s lib,” the the left so loves. A woman’s place is to be subservient. Pelosi is the blazen [sic] screechy hypocrite here.

The Right has worked hard and spent millions to get rid of the notion of a separation of church and state. — I’ve spent millions to get rid of the notion that humans don’t need air to breath, too. Good thing, or the Left would have suffocated a long time ago.

The Right has done such a great job in politicizing judges. — Heh. Which judges? The ones who decided Roe v Wade? Brown v Board of Education? Oh wait, I just read the rest of your post. You were talking about the judges who decided to institutionalize the global warming hoax just the other day. Who’s the one that’s been successful in politicizing judges again?

But judging from the anger The Right has towards PC initiatives I get the impression that [he] would rather lose [his] life than lose [his] right to have fun at the expense of other people. — Live free or die, Hippy McHippenstein. Nice hair.

WARNING: Link is extremely unsafe for work. [EUSFW] — Looks like the one on The Right has been eager to get her fingers in someones [NAUGHTY]. The one being [NAUGHTY] looks like she is just starting to get tensed up for a gorgeous [NAUGHTY] with those fingers in her [NAUGHTY]. — Who says I hate queers?

The Right has a pattern that [he] automatically fall[s] into when [he’s] down: first, [he] find[s] a way to deflect [his] own negative press by blaming it, not on [his] own actions, not on the vicissitudes of fate, but on … well … the press. Then [he] attempt[s] to hang the reporters for reporting facts that [he] never actually get[s] around to disputing. Then, finally, when whatever charges [he’s] making turn out to be bogus, [he] scare[s] up some secondary supposed wrong and hang[s] [his] pitiful little hat[] on that. — This is obviously the work of an unapologetic liberal media apologist. The memo the author is apparently referring to, “Negative Media Response and Deflection: a Strategery for The Right,” was a forgery and debunked months ago. The document in question was created in Microsoft Word XP, which wasn’t even released in 2002 when the paper was allegedly distributed. I’ll admit we may have an inside man writing for the Wall Street Journal editorial page. But, come on. A systematic effort to combat the efforts of journalists across the media? Are you serious?

The Right has decided that Iran is the greater enemy of the U.S. then those with the same ideological bent as those that perpetrated 9-11 — [Ed: run-on]

Play along at home! Find your own!

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