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March 26, 2007

Well. Who am I to argue with ‘popular demand?’ I mean, I am more compelled by ‘popular demand’ than your average elected official. So, by ‘popular demand,’ your I Miss Fafblog Comment of the Week, Spot! is this image, from the Men Behaving Badly post:

It isn’t the work of a commenter. Heck it isn’t even a textual comment at all. But there it is in all it’s glory: the artistic stylings of our own Ken from Ken’s Kitchen. This image was nominated for the prestigious award by none other than Bodiciah T. Rentlord III, who to my mind, was himself the front-runner for the award for his news teaser for a story oddly overlooked by my local news programs:

This just in:
HPV linked to male hair loss and impotence. FDA requires all children to be immunized by age 10. DHS issues contracts to immediately ramp up production of vaccine. Details at 11:00

If I am not mistaken, though, Mr. Rentlord III will have no regrets. ‘cuz he’s gracious like that.

Well played, Ken from Ken’s Kitchen!

Clicks this week were brought to us by Brainshrub and The Agonist. Thanks!

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