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Comment of the Week #4

March 6, 2007

Provisional Award Awarded

Here is the [provisional] I Miss Fafblog Comment of the Week, Spot! from Little Debbie®:

Designed for filling conservation, Pie Efficiency Toilets are defined by the Sara Lee Bakery Group and the Environmental Protection Agency as those that waste an average of 20% less filling per flush than the industry standard. Using an efficiency unit can save up to 8,760 gallons of filling each year for the home piemaker with average daily output of six delicious pies!

Gizzard’s unmitigated apple pie disaster has really been getting us down here at IMFB,S!; but in our hour of darkness, this comment really hit the spot, Spot! However, the rules committee has thus far not been able to confirm whether Little Debbie® or anybody associated with Little Debbie® is a contributer, (or friend, or family, or friend of the family) to this site, which would also make them a (non-voting) member of the awards committee. Though we don’t have any rules preventing such an occurrence, we would hope to avoid any sense of impropriety. That said, I’m sure we’ll have it all straightened out within one week, at which time the next I Miss Fafblog Commenter of the Week, Spot! will take up the mantle and all will be forgiven and/or forgotten. As for now…

Well played, Little Debbie®!

And a muchas gracias grande to the folk at Crooks and Liars, especially benefactor and friend of the site Blue Gal for the link Friday which illustrated the surprising power of “A-List” blog linkage, when we received three times our previous weekly average of visitors (32) in the first hour (96) alone! Anyways, thanks for that.

Y’all come back now, ya hear? Here at IMFB,S! we want to be your “E-List” blog of choice!

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