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Comment of the Week #1

February 12, 2007


INTERNETS — In a quiet ceremony at an undisclosed location, the winner of the first ever I Miss Fafblog, Spot! Comment of the Week Award was announced. The award recognized Mistah Charley, Ph.D.’s comment on Ken from Ken’s Kitchenses’ D.C. STORY post.

The comment thread had been sidetracked by a conversation about a certain star-crossed astronaut and unrequited lover, when Mistah Charley, Ph.D. brought things back down to Earth:

The space case in question clearly has had trouble staying grounded in reality. It shows how important love is, and how confused people can get sometimes about it.

May the Creative Forces of the Universe have mercy on all our souls (if any).

The awards committee called the comment “…a compassionate look at the fundamental truth behind a story that seemed a little too easy to make light of… With an estimated 46 bonus double entendres!”

Independent sources could not confirm the exact number of double entendres, but one source who has read the comment said, on condition of anonymity, “46 may be a bit high.”

Mistah Charley, Ph.D. has been well known as a prolific commenter on the Original Fafblog! and many other websites. He is also proprietor of the apparently inactive blog Mistah Charley.

The awards committee also indicated that it was “a horse race, or to be more accurate, a coin flip,” with MR. Bill in a virtual tie. His comment, a uniquely American sentiment on the nature of wisdom, and a cunning bit of Fafblogic to boot:

…the road to wisdom leads through the palace of Excess, and by the window of the Fast Food emporium of silliness.

The awards committee also wanted to express gratitude to Blue Gal, Miss Cellania and Doug Richardson “for linking and sending traffic at I Miss Fafblog, Spot!” Their support is “much appreciated,” the awards committee added.

Well played, Mistah Charley, Ph.D.!

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