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Dear Representative & Senators,

February 8, 2007

The purpose of this letter is to request that you (Congress) pass legislation to effectively reassert your “war powers” as enumerated in the Constitution and the War Powers Act. Every day, this matter seems more and more important as the administration’s rhetoric about Iran intensifies, and their plans are revealed by the media.

It is the constitutional authority of both congress and the President to make decisions regarding the use of military force, as set forth in the War Powers Act of 1973. Please, do not continue to forgo this constitutional authority, as it is every member of congress’ responsibility to represent his or her constituents in these matters. This responsibility must not be carried by one individual, as this scenario does not provide for meaningful public debate.

If much of this seems familiar, it may be because I wrote many of these very same words to you back in April of 2003, requesting that you revoke the unprecedented authorization Congress gave the President for the use of force against Iraq. I asked you then, to “Please, send a clear signal that this joint resolution is not carte blanche for the President to wage war elsewhere.” Since Congress has failed to do so, we now have an out of control President who seems bent on starting yet another war with Iran; with or without your approval.

In the current issue of Vanity Fair magazine, an article about the administration’s Iran strategy quotes former C.I.A. officer Philip Giraldi as saying, “I’ve heard from sources at the Pentagon that their impression is that the White House has made a decision that war is going to happen.” If this is the case, and war is a forgone conclusion, then this President and administration are out of control.

I am asking that you introduce or support legislation that will prevent the expenditure of any funds for a military attack on Iran unless Congress has either declared war with that country or has otherwise authorized military action under the War Powers Act. I also suggest this legislation be attached to an appropriations bill, to make it difficult for the president to veto.

If the president does not comply with such a law, either by means of a signing statement or by circumventing it in some other way, and orders an attack on Iran without congressional authorization, Congress should file a lawsuit and begin impeachment proceedings.

I feel it is of exceptional urgency that the checks and balances of power laid out in the Constitution be restored, and that Congress reassert itself as ‘deciders’ in matters of war and peace. To allow the President to continue to exercise unfettered power is unconstitutional, and effectively robs the American people of their voice in the war debate. It is time to bring this to an end.

I will appreciate your response on this subject. Thank you for your time.

Your Constituent Montag

[Pursuant to this post from yesterday.]

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  1. February 14, 2007 12:05 PM

    Trackbacks aren’t working, but I wanted you to know this post has been chosen for the Carnival of the Liberals – Thanks!

  2. February 14, 2007 12:36 PM

    Thanks for the inclusion! And thanks for the heads up on the trackback problem. Should be fixed now.


  1. Deer Mr. Congressperson & Ms. Senators,

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