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Fafmiss 666

December 19, 2006

On the sixth day of Fafmiss, my true love gave to me…

Six greasers braying…

Four calling plans,
Three Freedom hens,
Two Aris gloves,
And a pitchfork in a zombie.

John Travolta: HA-HA! You’re doing the chicken dance!
Greaser #3: Ooooh! Dude, that’s just cold.
Olivia Newton John: I only have one thing to say: “Shut up, TERL!!
Greaser #2: Oh, SNAP! … Girl, you’re somethin’ else! Them shoes are smokin’! What say you and I blow outta here and ditch these losers.
Greaser #1: Dag, Terl, you gonna just stand there and take that?!

[Don’t worry, Olivia. He’s just teasing because he likes you.]

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