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You Will SUBMIT… (Please)

November 14, 2006

Carnival of The Liberals #26: The War on Thanksgiving Edition — Call for Submissions

Yes, COTL #26: will be here at The Stump November 22, 2006. After months of my own brilliant posts crashing against the rocks of competition from Liberals Who Can Actually Write, I’ve decided that hosting this thing may be the only option I have left to be a part of it, beyond— you know —reading all the Quality Liberal Writing featured.

COTL LogoAs of this writing the COTL website appears to be down perfectly fine. That doesn’t mean you cannot submit. The Blog Carnival form and the COTL email address are also at your disposal. The sooner I receive your submission the better, but please transmit submissions before the deadline of noon EST on Monday, November 20.

[Continue reading for submission guidelines…]

The War On Thanksgiving

Whether you think Thanksgiving has been hijacked by…

  • Christians imposing the concept that ‘Thanks’ can be given only to God, and any feelings of fortunatitude owe only to His Goodness;
  • Nationalists indoctrinating our children with a warm and fuzzy mythology about our nation’s history that is equally prayerful to the above;
  • The Consumer Economic Machine’s orchestrated marketing parade to instigate the annual holiday orgy of shopping excess;
  • Footballists who would deaden the minds of our nation by lulling them with entertaining, yet inconsequential diversion in front of the television;
  • Buzz-Killing Secularists railing against yet another innocent and beneficial break from the repetition of routine by dwelling on minutiae that sane people don’t even consider when they sit down to enjoy a sleep-inducing feast of tryptophan and sugar;

…it is obvious that Thanksgiving is a holiday ripe to be warred upon.

YOU: What are you saying, Montag, is there an anti-Thanksgiving theme for COTL #26? That’s just harsh, man.

ME: No, actually, no theme this time. Think: Liberal Freestyle.

YOU: Any guidelines at all?

ME: You mean aside from the usual guidelines? Sure.

I like funny stuff; but also serious, thought-provoking philosophical stuff. I like novel sports-related analogies; but also serious, thought-provoking philosophical analogies. I like biting satire that eviscerates its subject with extreme prejudice; but also serious, thought-provoking, carefully constructed philosophical argument that eviscerates its subject with extreme prejudice.

These preferences will guide the decision-making as to which entries to include. I’ll also look for ‘timeless’ posts, (ones that will remain pertinent beyond the end of the current news cycle.)

So, SUBMIT NOW… (Please.)

[Hey! This was our 600 (six hundredth) post here at Stump Lane. Fancy that.]

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