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Sick Again

October 31, 2006

The Left is sick again. Let’s clear up a few of the rampant mischaracterizations on the issues that are at stake for next week’s election.

On the Iraq War: It’s not that we “don’t have a plan,” or that we “don’t have the ability” to win in Iraq; it’s that the Left won’t allow us to do what is necessary to win. Hell, they won’t even let us talk about it. Don’t believe me? Just try mentioning, say, “fire bombing Anbar Province,” or, “bulldozing Baghdad’s Dora neighborhood,” in mixed company and look at the response you get. The Left simply isn’t serious enough, or strong enough, to win in Iraq.

On Gay Marriage: It’s not that we don’t think homosexuals should be allowed to marry; it’s that we don’t think homosexuals should be allowed to marry people of the same sex. Hell, we don’t even care if homosexuals marry other homosexuals. Nothing wrong with gay man on lesbian marriages, (so long as the woman isn’t too butch.) Listen, ‘gay’ means happy. ‘Marriage’ is a miserable hard slog. ‘Gay Marriage’ is like saying, “happy misery.” It just doesn’t make any sense. Besides, can society really afford to have a bunch of male-male economic powerhouseholds running around with a bunch of money and little incentive, other than ‘happiness,’ to contribute to society at all? They already can’t reproduce, why make it easier for them to not produce in the workplace? Marriage between lezbos, on the other hand, is much less objectionable. Especially ones like those pictured in Penthouse. I’m all for letting those ones marry; you know, to test the waters. What do you say, Left, are you for same sex marriage or not? Somehow, I think the Left would find a way to object (it’s too valuable an issue come election time for them to give up!)

On Abortion: It’s not that we don’t think a woman should have the right to reproductive self-determination; it’s that we think pregnant women have already exercised that right, and that the man who afforded her the opportunity to do so, has every right to determine what is to happen inside that womb— much like settlers, who penetrate the wild and open her up to development, earn property rights over that which they assume control. The Left simply doesn’t believe in rewarding industriousness and success.

On Stem Cell Research: It’s not that we don’t think a heart-disease or Parkinson’s cure might come in handy one day; it’s that playing God, murdering children, and engaging in unproven “science” on the slippery slope to human cloning is not the way to go about it. I mean, I’m sure you don’t want me cloning Adolph Hitler any more than I want you cloning blastocyst XJ452383B from the fertility clinic. “But why can’t we use those embryos from the fertility clinic that are marked for destruction anyway?” the Left will whine. Snowflake children. Every one of these ‘marked’ lives is a valuable human resource. Look at it economically: what would the Left have those cells be used for? To find disease cures? What do disease cures lead to? Fewer disease deaths? Increased life expectancy? Yes, it seems absurd, but the Left thinks it better to sacrifice thousands of snowflake babies, just for the remote, and as yet unknown, possibility of improving the lives of non-productive old people. This is the kind of liberal recklessness that feeds the onerous welfare state that cripples government.

When we really look at it, we see:

  • Defeat in Iraq
  • Deviant control of economic resources
  • Disregard for property rights
  • Domesticated, overburdened government

That looks like Usama Bin Laden’s platform for election!

It is becoming obvious that as we approach the elections, the Left yet again finds itself facing yet another inevitable electoral defeat. Predictably, they resort to overt, offensive rhetoric and a pandemic of deception and mischaracterization. Really, it’s a pretty pathetic, if not pathological display of despair; but, what’s fundamentally at stake here, as always, is the very essence of America: capitalism and the sublime infallibility of the corporate model of governance.

Patriotic citizens, it’s your prerogative whether you want to participate on election day, or simply relax in the warm comfort of your home. But if you feel like it, when you go to the voting booth, consider what Usama Bin Laden’s America would look like — and ask yourself, “Is there a place for me in Usama Bin Laden’s America?”

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