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Darkness At Noon

September 15, 2006

Senate panel defies Bush on terror — The Senate Armed Services Committee has approved the lesser of the two too narrowly defined “choices” in setting up military tribunals in Guantanamo. While the measure is still falls far short of what any clear headed thinker could come up with for a workable solution; it doesn’t go far enough for the President’s tastes in denying defendants’ rights to know the charges against them, or in perpetuating the use of torture to extract “coerced testimony,” or in protecting our torturers from prosecution for violating the Geneva Conventions.OFFAL pledges to resist: “I will resist any bill that does not enable this program to go forward with legal clarity.”The Washington Post has an editorial on what’s going down. — Hey, can you believe we’re actually having this discussion in 2006 America? — Reading assignment: Koestler, Arthur. Darkness At Noon.

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  1. September 16, 2006 6:44 AM

    Thanks for the link, that Washington Post editorial is clear and concise. It is mind-boggling to me that the administration no longer bothers to mask its intent: in the case of illegal detention and torture, but also in the case of the second bill that Bush mentioned at his press conference, which “would modernize our electronic surveillance laws and provide additional authority for the terrorist surveillance program.” Oh yes. Redefining the Geneva Convention and Big Brother at Home.

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