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Gang Activity: Pesty's Candidness Reassures Joe About the Mission in Iraq

September 13, 2006

Bazooka Joe 22“What do you hope to find in Iraq, Pesty?”

“Revenge on the terrorists who attacked US on 9-11!”

“The terrorists who attacked US on 9-11? Iraq didn’t have anything to do with them!”

“Iraq didn’t have any WMD either. So I might as well seek revenge on the terrorists who attacked US on 9-11!”

That came out a little better than I expected. Though I had to abandon any consistency that may have been developing as to which Bazooka Joe characters represent which real-life characters. In the past Pesty has represented this blog with precocious frankness betraying youthful naiveté. This week, however, the part of ‘youthful naiveté’ has been played by ‘cynical politicization.’

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