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War on Our Face

August 8, 2006

1. Previous post notwithstanding, I ask, might the whole Israel-Lebanon crisis be distracting us from the worsening nightmare of US occupied Iraq? — Iraqi leader blasts U.S.“Reconciliation cannot go hand in hand with operations that violate the rights of citizens this way . . . This operation used weapons that are unreasonable to detain someone — like using planes . . . this won’t happen again.” — So Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki criticised US after a pre-dawn air and ground attack in Sadr City.
2. Army Details Rape-Slaying of Iraqi GirlBarker’s statement made it clear that Green was persistent about wanting to kill some Iraqis and kept bringing up the idea. At some point, they decided to go to the house of Abeer, whom they had seen passing their checkpoint. — This is sickening.
3. Female Soldiers Treated ‘Lower Than Dirt’Since the fall of 2003, the Miles Foundation has documented 518 cases of sexual assault on women who have served or are serving in Middle Eastern countries. — Yeah, the military has a masculine culture. Something about the nature of war. But why can’t that culture instill an obligatory respect for women?
4. Nonetheless, the military still seems to enjoy an overall positive reputation back home. (Check the yellow ribbon magnet on the back of the next SUMonstrosity you’re stuck behind in traffic.) But another marketing vehicle can always be potentially useful in keeping a positive shine on things. — Army considers military theme park plan

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