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Blog, Interrupted [UPDATED]

May 17, 2006

Dear Reader, I hope you aren’t too inconvenienced if blogging here at the Stump is sparse for a few days, as Your Montag works to get caught up with work, and life out in meatspace. There is, as there always seems to be, lot’s to do — and not enough time to do it. I’ll do what I can to keep up with my commenting duties elsewhere around the internets, but they too may falter in the short run.

Amongst all the other stuff, I hope to have a chance to organize a deployment of Montag’s Minutemenpersons* in time for the 26th. Check out Blognonymous for the really clever/cool idea: Kvatch’s Kommandos – A Big Day of Protest

* Tentative name for my protest forces. Would 'Militiamen,' or 'Musketeers,' or 'Mercenaries' be better? [UPDATE: They will be called Montag's Minutepersons thanks to JR's stroke of genius, which can be found the comments.]

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