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An 'F' for Effort

May 5, 2006

Not so much as a peek at the “news” this morning. Just a check of the email and a round of the blogs.
1. Take Action: Minimum Wage Discharge Petition…leadership in the House has refused to allow a vote on a bill . . . that would increase the minimum wage to $7.25 per hour over two years. So working family advocates have signed a “discharge petition” that will force a vote on the bill — if a majority of representatives signs it. — Is your rep: A) a line-toeing, sycophantic power seeker? Or: B) have they signed on to this resolution? [There is no C.]
2. Why Tell the Jokes?If Colbert “bombed”, it was because the audience didn’t like him. And you know what — they WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO. We have been treated to toothless feel-good comedy for so long, we have forgotten what the court jester’s job was: he was the only guy who could mock the King. — Great post about the you-know-what. [You know what, right?] —

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