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Belly-Floppin' Naked in a Pool of Yellow Sweat

May 4, 2006

1. Britain, France Introduce Iran Resolution…that could trigger sanctions against Iran if it does not abandon uranium enrichment. — I still don’t quite understand the justification for this hypocritical attempt at coercion.
2. Federal Study Finds Accord on Warming…White House officials noted that this was just the first of 21 assessments… — The 21st assessment is to determine the effect of God on global warming. — …while the new finding was important, the administration’s policy remained focused on studying the remaining questions… — We must answer every question before crafting our warm world policy. [Been planning on a post on global warming, more later . . . I hope.]
3. Iraq’s oil revenues would pay for its reconstruction, you know, if the Iraqi oil industry weren’t On the Verge of Collapse
4. George W. Bush and his chamber of secrets — A war, or just a “strategy of decertifying”? Makes no difference what you call it, the administration is trying to render the press ineffective… with too much success.
5. This was mentioned in the above article, and Winston Smith links to it; which means it’s worth reading. — Mind Games
6. Norbert Wiener’s Vision: The Impact of
“the Automatic Age” on Our Moral Lives (pdf)
that the first industrial revolution, the revolution of the “dark satanic mills,” was the devaluation of the
human arm by the competition of machinery. . . . The modern industrial revolution [i.e., the
computer revolution] is similarly bound to devalue the human brain. . .
— This looks fascinating. Nine pages worth of fascinating, so it waits until later for Your Montag.
7. An image eerily similar to a National Geographic photo of the aftermath of an Indian earthquake that scared the shit out of me as a child. —

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  1. May 4, 2006 11:39 AM

    Must study the effects of God on global warming, eh? Hmmm. That ought to be rife with honest science, don’t you think? Hey, have we had ‘The Warm War’ yet?

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