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'Time' is Just One Damn Thing After Another

April 20, 2006

1. Mine safety: Take Action: No More Sagos — I’ve told you I think this is important. Here is an easy way to let your leaders know if you do too.
2. U.S.: More Countries Back Iran Sanctions — As you read this, keep in mind “all options on the table” means “We will bomb the shit out of [them/it/you] if we so choose.”
3. There is a place where we aren’t keeping all options on the table: Bush Says Failure in Iraq ‘Not an Option’…our goal in Afghanistan and Iraq is victory…
I’ve heard time described as “one damn thing after another” and also as “what keeps everything from happening all at once.” Well, that shit ain’t working out. Seems like everything is happening all at once lately. Your Montag is operating on less than 4 hours sleep for weeks, and I am getting tired.
5. Senate Hearings on Bush, Now — I haven’t had time to read it, but I am told it’s a good one. —

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