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Six Days, Six Weeks, I Doubt Six Months

March 20, 2006

1. The White House says spying on terrorism suspects without court approval is OK. What about physical searches?“They couldn’t make it clearer . . . that they are also making the case for inherent presidential power to conduct warrantless physical searches.”
2. Happy anniversary, war! — Thousands Around Globe Call for End of WarProtesters marking the third anniversary of the Iraq war made their voices heard around the world . . . though in numbers that were often lower than in previous years.
3. Iraq Progress Report: Advocates for liberty weigh in after three yearsReason asked a wide range of libertarian, conservative, and freedom-minded journalists and academics to assess the war, the occupation, and how their views have or have not changed.
4. The Framers and the FaithfulIt was the 18th-century evangelicals who provided the political shock troops for Jefferson and Madison in their efforts to keep government from strong involvement with religion.
5. I thought comparing stuff to Nazis was off-limits? — Rumsfeld: Leaving Iraq like giving Nazis Germany
6. An image.

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  1. March 20, 2006 7:32 PM

    Do you still think the average American is even listening to Bush and Company at this point? I know the diehard wackos (20% or so) still love him, but I don’t think anyone even listens anymore. Once Joe American makes up his mind you’re full of shit, he isn’t easily persuaded otherwise.

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