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March 10, 2006

A lazy way to present news links. [‘Hover’ links for source and title.]
1. Must read.
2. Worth reading.
3. Recommended reading.
4. Don’t bother reading. — But, if you do, read ours too.
5. Read if you’re following the India nuclear deal story. Read our letter below, too.
6. Read if you need an argument against ‘data mining.’
7. Read if you fear the dollar, and the US economy, will collapse when Iran and others start selling oil in euros instead of dollars.

  1. March 10, 2006 7:06 PM

    I read the ‘euro’ article. This person seems inclined to believe countries like China and India are cowering in the shadow of the United States. Uh, I don’t think so. China holds the power to send this country into a staggering depression, and they know it. I would hope that no one with any sense would ever claim that Iran switching to euros would collapse America. I’ve never made this claim. The landscape for the control of energy resources and global currency/debt is changing, however, and not for the betterment of the U.S. Dealings with Iran, China, India, and Russia will shape our economic well-being for the next 50-100 years, and having a cretin like Bush in charge has caused massive damage in this regard. It doesn’t take an economist to see that, either.

  2. March 11, 2006 10:38 PM

    So Madrid wasn’t “Al Qaeda”? Hmmm. Don’t hear the Bushies bruiting about that. Once again the facts don’t fit their picture, eh?

  3. March 13, 2006 9:15 AM

    JR: I agree. But while China indeed holds a significant debt over our head, they also sell a lot of goods into our economy. So I don’t think they’ll move to crush us anytime too soon. As more of the world becomes modernized and fossil fuels become more scarce we will find ourselves more and more at odds with China.

    I think we need a new space-race, but instead race to develop reliable renewable energy. An energy-race? Compete with China, India, perhaps Russia, as a matter of national pride in our technological ability, get people fired up, like the olympics of survival. Race to develop new technology, but share and collaborate as well. Better than militarizing space, or developing spy sharks if you ask me.

    Neil: You can’t have a “war” without an opposing “army.” Lumping all terrorism together under Al Quaeda… something you said about fitting the picture.

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