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Random 11 (Volume 5)

January 20, 2006

This is the Friday Musical Audit TIME BANDIT.

Norbizness explains:

Fire up the jukebox, don’t skip over anything, and take the first eleven that pop up.

And no, it isn’t an actual jukebox. It’s just whatever you have laying around that is capable of randomizing music tracks. In my case it’s one of them mp3 player thingies. And I am very proud that it is not an iPod.

  1. Dada – No One – 5.0/10
    Yeah, I don’t mind Dada. Dude can play guitar. This song isn’t really great, but it doesn’t suck either, so it gets a baseline score of 5.
  2. REM – Radio Song – 7.5/10
    I came late to the REM game, so excuse me for Out of Time being one of my favorite albums from them. It gets a bonus point for the all too short rap from KRS-ONE.
  3. Thelonious Monk – Round Midnight – 9.0/10
    The only choice with Monk, really, is whether to rate it a 9 or a 10. Guess I wasn’t feeling generous this time.
  4. Beastie Boys – Johnny Ryall – 5.5/10
    One of the weaker tracks off the Beasties best effort Paul’s Boutique

    [Next, The Madonna Speech, a dialog track from the Reservoir Dogs Soundtrack, played; but I’m not gonna rate it. I’m just grateful it wasn’t Hooked on a Feeling (with “oo-ga-cha-ka’s”) from the same disk.]

  5. Ozzy – Mr. Crowley – 5.0/10
    There’s nothing like cutting loose and having an ‘Ozzy Moment.’ This just isn’t the best song for it.
  6. A ‘mash-up’ of Skeelo I Wish I Was a Little Bit Taller and Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger – 6.5/10
    Hilarious! A mash-up where the whole is better than the sum of the parts. (By far.)
  7. Johnny Cash – Personal Jesus – 8.0/10
    Really cool cover. The only drawback being the unnerving honky-tonk piano solo toward the end.
  8. My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult – Ride the Mindway – 7.0/10
    A sentimental favorite. (If one can be sentimental about driving a crappy compact-car, on a night that’s too cold to have the windows down but with the windows down, popping ephedrine tabs, smoking clove cigarettes, halfway seriously contemplating driving off a cliff, or into a river, or something; but the really cool music blaring over the car’s tinny factory speakers drawing you back from the precipice.)
  9. Gorillaz – November Has come – 6.5/10
    I like it. DOOM has got the gift of gab. (See also: Madvillain.)
  10. Johnny Cash – Mercy Seat – 9.0/10
    It’s the lyrics, stupid. But the instrumentation keeps building up to the wrenching finish.
  11. Squeeze – Take Me I’m yours – 6.0/10
    Am I wrong in liking this song? Or Squeeze in general?

Bonus #12: Bad Religion – The Empire Strikes First – Good one.

Average = a generous 6.8/10. The baseline 5.0 I gave Dada threw the results off a bit, but I don’t feel like going back to fix them just to get it down to a 6.5.

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