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Human Beans

January 20, 2006

1. Thousands still missing after Katrina — 3,200 still missing.
2. Business, and Repression, as Usual — US companies help China shut down free speech and imprison dissenters. But they can be excused because China is a HUGE market with tons of growth potential.
3. Veterans groups accuse Pentagon of planning to cut health benefits…by 2009, the Pentagon wants to more than triple the annual premiums paid by retired officers younger than 65… -but- Most of the projected savings would come from the movement of an estimated 600,000 retirees from Tricare to health insurance plans obtained through civilian employers.
4. Congressional Agency Questions Legality of Wiretaps — Feh. Silly congressional agency! Why don’t you go to your room and play, the grown-ups are trying to talk. —

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