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And Not a Drop to Drink

January 12, 2006

1. General Asserts Right On Self-Incrimination In Iraq Abuse Cases — Major General Geoffrey D. Miller (of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib fame) invokes military Article 31: …his right not to incriminate himself in court-martial proceedings against two soldiers accused of using dogs to intimidate captives at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq… — Lest we find out just how high up this shit goes.
2. George Bush’s rough justiceThe “unitary executive” is nothing less than “gospel”, declared . . . Samuel Alito in 2000 – it is a theory that “best captures the meaning of the constitution’s text and structure.” — Sidney Blumenthal has a problem with that.
3. Iran far from being able to enrich uranium: diplomat — Wait. Don’t click it. There’s nothing useful there that you don’t already know. How long before Iran will be able to enrich uranium? According to an anonymous diplomat close to the IAEA, “It’s going to take a long time.”
4. Israelis plan pre-emptive strike on Iran — Israel has a far less cavalier view than that diplomat: “We believe Iran will have useable nuclear weapons by 2007 unless something is done to prevent it.” — Israel seems intent on doing that “something” and soon. End of March, though?
5. New Orleans Residents Show Anger at Forum — Understandably. I haven’t thought this one all the way through yet; but those who have lost homes are owed something; and it will be wrong if they have to wait around, lives on ‘pause,’ much longer.
6. Rice Threatens Syria With U.N. Action — (Syria)
7. Iraq Pol Warns Against Constitution Change — (Iraq) —

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