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Alito? Was Judge Reinhold Not Available?

January 11, 2006

[Due to intermittant problems with our internets, posting has been challenging these two days. Back to normal soon enough, we hope.]

In what may very well be the most erroneous sports analogy since Joe Biden’s redefining of the Major League strike zone during the Roberts Supreme Court hearings, Senator Grassley today commiserated with Judge Alito about some of the lines of questioning he faced today. He told Alito:

It’s kind of like we’re in the fourth quarter of a football game and you’re the quarterback and your team is way ahead here in the fourth quarter and opponents are very desperate, trying to sack you and aren’t doing a very good job of it. And they haven’t hit you all day, now for two days.

And you’re going to keep getting these last-minute Hail Marys thrown at you. So just bear with us. [Washington Post Transcript]

There must be something in that Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing Water that impairs Senators’ appropriate-sports-analogy aptitude.

A “Hail Mary” or a Hail Mary pass, in American football, is a play in which the quarterback throws the ball as far downfield as possible, hoping one of his receivers can catch the ball or that a defensive player commits a penalty which allows the offense to gain possession of the ball at the point of the foul. This play usually occurs at the very end of a half, and especially when the team on offense is trailing in the score. [Emphasis added.]

So, the quarterback for the team in the lead isn’t even on the field when a hail Mary play happens. in the final seconds of the game. And if the quarterback for the leading team, isn’t on the field in the waning seconds, he is on the sidelines hoping against hope that his Defense doesn’t fuck things up. Maybe Senator Grassley fancies himself as the Judge’s defense. At any rate, if Alito is the quarterback, he isn’t the one having Hail Marys thrown at him.

The hail Mary speech came just after Senator Kennedy’s questioning and threatening of procedural maneuvers in attempt to get to the bottom of the whole CAP or Concerned Alumni of Princeton thing. The organization which, it has been said, fought the admission of women and minorities into Princeton. I have to admit I believe the Judge on this one. That he doesn’t remember participating in that organization. Of course I gotta call bullshit if he doesn’t recall the organization at all, since he did include it on his resume back in the day. So, while the CAP thing may not prove that the Judge is a closet bigot, it calls into question his judgment in padding his resume with his membership in an organization that he didn’t actually participate in, and apparently knew really nothing about.

Check back later for our take on the questioning of the Judge’s views on whether the right to abortion enjoys constitutional protection.

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