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Remember: Anti-Union Bills Are FAKE

March 10, 2011

SO YOUR STATE government is trying to make you eat shit.

Journalist and educator Frank Emspak speaking on Democracy Now! about the political doings in Wisconsin:

[T]he legislation here, first of all, says that no political entity can receive union dues, meaning you cannot have a dues checkoff, which essentially, under present circumstances, bankrupts the union. The second thing it says is that in order for a union to be in place anyway, you have to have an election every year, paid for by the union, as a matter of fact, and that getting one vote is not enough. You have to have 51 percent. And to continually have these elections, of course, will also not only be really disruptive, but of course means you don’t have time to do anything else. Thirdly, the actual legislation on collective bargaining says that the only thing that can be discussed in any kind of meaningful way is a wage increase, as long as it’s limited to whatever the cost of living is. Arbitration, just cause, conditions of work, fairness in the workplace, hours of work—all that is no longer subject to bargaining. [Emspak]

How about this: a union is whatever you say it is. All of the things mentioned above can be done, very possibly more effectively, without the official sanction of law. Read Jack Crow who tells it more eloquently than I.

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  1. Jack Crow permalink
    March 10, 2011 11:22 PM

    Nah, Montag. You said it best. A union really is whatever you say it is. Tactically, it’s best to have organizations which they cannot define and un-define by law. It allows them to criminalize activity, of course…but they’ll do that anyway, if they really want to.

    Why give the the license? Make ’em work, the bastards.

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