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Jane Hamsher is a Hero

December 24, 2009

IT CAN’T BE over-exaggerated how freeing it is to renounce faith in high school Civics class mythology, and stop following national “politics” as if it were something people exert meaningful control over. At least, we’ve tried to stop following it, or to do so with a clearer head, and limiting our occasional remarks to the nature of the beast, as opposed to issuing calls to action. The latest spectacle our overlords have regaled us with, so called heath care reform, has provided ample opportunity to take note of folks weighing in doing just that.

Political activist and blogger Jane Hamsher is taking flack from every direction, (say it ain’t so, Blue Gal!), mainly for this, among other things.

Look, if Washington DC deserves anything at all from The People, it’s more defeatism. (See also the defeatists!) Hamsher has come round to the defeatist health care position that we have advocated right here in this space. And for good reason!

We only point this out because we love you.

Hail Krampus! Io Saturnalia! Thank goodness for the solstice! Have a great long weekend, everybody!

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