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In Which We Concern Troll Confused Liberals

October 12, 2009

The Anonymous Democrat Complaint Box @ Something Awful.

THERE ARE THINGS that could be said about kayinmaine of White Noise Insanity’s peculiar brand of myopia. Though, when one really looks at it, the condition isn’t myopic at all. It’s less a problem of nearsightedness, than of not seeing what is right before one’s eyes. What’s more, it goes beyond merely that of a vision problem. It’s a tone deafness to one’s own White Noise. Some of that ringing we hear is dissonance. It’s the dissonance between the world that can easily be observed for oneself, and the world our rulers (yes, even one’s favorite preferred leaders,) instruct must be observed.

While it’s all well and good to not believe in anonymous white house sources saying the administration views liberals on the internet(!) as fringe figures who “need to take off [their] pajamas and get dressed,” is there any evidence in the administration’s actions since taking office that would indicate they could truthfully say otherwise?

Though Kay correctly doubts the veracity of what right wing gasbags say on television, it is far wiser to doubt, (better yet ignore,) everything in the ‘political’ realm. “Don’t believe them, don’t fear them, don’t ask anything of them.”

Nonetheless, keep spittin’ those mad rants, Kay, and we’ll keep on reading!

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