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Nobel Committee Seizes the Day

October 9, 2009

PRESIDENT OBAMA HAS WON the Nobel Peace Prize, and here is what the prize committee had to say for itself:

“We are not awarding the prize for what may happen in the future but for what he has done in the previous year. We would hope this will enhance what he is trying to do.” [New York Times]

And also this:

[Emphasis added.] He mentioned in particular the recent United Nations Security Council meeting on nuclear disarmament and the announcement of the prize noted the special importance the Nobel committee attached to President Obama’s vision of a world without nuclear weapons. [NYT]

Big deal! Lots of people have spoken about nuclear disarmament in the past. And lots of those people’s first inclination to reach the goal isn’t killing Iran for weapons related thought crimes. But that’s all in the future.

The committee chooses to look only backward and not forward. The Peace Laureate himself, on the other hand, prefers to look forward, not back. That leaves only the present. Carpe Diem!

Today we bomb the Moon for suspected water-related activities. The intelligence community has learned that the moon may be concealing significant stores of water in underground facilities. Water is really only suitable for use inside nuclear reactors. Kill the Moon!

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