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The United States Electoral System Can't Be Saved

September 25, 2009

HAVE I MENTIONED that the United States electoral system is a sham? I believe I may have.

Bob Edgar of Common Cause emails to champion the cause of safeguarding our elections:

In a case called Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the highest court in the land could overturn more than a century of law and pave the way for corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money on direct campaigns to elect or defeat federal candidates.

Such an earth-shattering decision — which many court observers believe we are about to see issued — wouldn’t just change the character of our elections. It would fundamentally undermine the strength of our democracy.

The “strength” of our “democracy” is that the elite can predetermine the outcome without holding guns to people’s heads and looking illegitimate to the international community. Otherwise, the ostensibly democratic election process would have been put out of its misery long ago.

What conceivable difference will it make, to the average person watching the TV, if campaign billions continue to be funneled through 527 group’s and PAC’s rather than through the candidate committees themselves?

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