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Asymmetrical Class Warfare

September 8, 2009

LENIN WRITES in the UK, but with the US unemployment rate at 9.7%, safe to say this holds true here also?

… There is a staggering amount of spare capacity in the economy. Existing productive resources lie unused, while social needs are unmet, because there is no profitable means by which such resources might be used. Companies are not investing, and are not hiring. The banks are still not lending, preferring to hoard funds against future shocks, because their managers do not believe there are sufficient profitable investment opportunities in the economy. This situation is actually absurd. We have, collectively, all the means we require to house, feed, educate and employ the population, but we may not dispose of those means because there is no profit in doing so. [LENIN’S TOMB]

But there’s good news out there in the economy, too. Productivity is up. It seems our “spare capacity” is on the rise. The question that occurs to me again and again, especially over long Labor Day weekends is this: Why doesn’t my productivity belong to me? See here. What gives? I’m onto you, Capitalists! You owe us. What’s it gonna be? Time? Money? Health care?

Who’s accusing who of class warfare now, you fucks?

* Might Al Schumann have a solution for the problem Lenin describes? Yes.

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