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First they shouted down my Representative in a health care town hall meeting and hurt their feelings, and I didn't speak up.

August 11, 2009

THIS STUFF used to scare the shit out of me before I learned how to perceive correctly… Apparently we are past the second stage of five steps toward fascism. Here are a couple of the symptoms that prove it:

“…political deadlock because the Right, the heir to power but unable to continue to wield it alone, refuses to accept a growing Left as a legitimate governing partner.” … Hitler and Mussolini both took power under these same circumstances: “deadlock of constitutional government (produced in part by the polarization that the fascists abetted); conservative leaders who felt threatened by the loss of their capacity to keep the population under control at a moment of massive popular mobilization; an advancing Left; and conservative leaders who refused to work with that Left and who felt unable to continue to govern against the Left without further reinforcement.”

And more ominously: “The most important variables…are the conservative elites’ willingness to work with the fascists (along with a reciprocal flexibility on the part of the fascist leaders) and the depth of the crisis that induces them to cooperate.”
[Sara Robinson]

First of all, what “growing” and/or “advancing Left”?

Second of all, what “massive popular mobilization”?

Third of all, what “deadlock”?

Fourth of all, what “crisis”?

If the answers are: 1. the Democrats, 2. Obama voters, 3. in congress, and 4. big government socialism, well… [spit take,] LOL, etc.

Has the power elite’s ability to secure trillions of dollars of government bailouts, or impunity in conducting lucrative foreign wars of convenience, or near complete control of public opinion really been diminished, at all, by Democratic party rule in DC?

Are attempts in congress at implementing a universal, single payer health care system expanding government offered health insurance mandating that people purchase health insurance, really to be considered a deadlock that threatens the interests of powerful insurance companies?


PS: Go back to the top of this post and don’t read it. Go read Al Schumann’s instead.

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