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Bicycle Commute – Day 1

July 1, 2009

MADE THE MORNING commute for the first time today. It has rained every work day since I got serious about trying this. And despite a forecast calling for showers this afternoon, and the admonitions of the Guys from Area 51, I looked at the absence of torrential rain as an opportunity to roll this morning in the fog and cool drizzle. I did the 8.8 mile ride in 40 minutes. (Including the time it took me to stop and fuck with the chain.)

I mounted a rack on the back of my bike to carry a bag with a change of clothes and my lunch. Found out that one of the bolts I used to mount the rack prevents me from shifting into the highest gear, or else the chain can skip off and get stuck under that bolt, necessitating a stop to fuck with it on the way to work.

Later, I will post “after shots” of the modifications I made to the bike to get it commute ready.

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