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June 3, 2009

WHAT IF the American People were to take a 60 percent ownership stake in a corporation, in order to save it from going under, yet exert no control whatsoever over remedial steps taken to save the company and, ostensibly, the whole economy from collapse?

…what happens is we end up with the situation of bailing out the auto companies and then facilitating moving production overseas. We end up not leveraging the public’s or the taxpayers’ investment to protect jobs and manufacturing capacity in this country, as well as furthering statutory goals and safety and environmentally proper technologies.

A good example of that is the Kenosha plant in Wisconsin. After Chrysler was pushed into bankruptcy by the US government, the Kenosha plant was under the impression that they were going to survive. Then they were called by Mr. Nardelli, who heads Chrysler, and he said, “Sorry, it’s going to have to close.” Well, the Kenosha plant is an up-to-date engine manufacturing plant that has won several awards. It has 800 workers. And the bulk of that production is going to Mexico. Now, that’s an example.

Why are we using tax dollars to facilitate the export of whole plants and jobs to communist dictatorships in China and to oligarchic, authoritarian regimes in Mexico who have turned workers into serfs and denied them independent unions and other rights that workers should have in any countries that we have trade dealings with? [Ralph Nader]

Oh, wait. That’s not what happens when the American People do it. That’s what an American oligarchic corporate-authoritarian regime controlled by private economic power would do.

Turn workers into serfs and blame it on the unions. It’s crazy enough it just might work!

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