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RL.2: Shoplifters Unite

April 16, 2009

2 miles, 26 minutes*

*Ran the first mile in 12:20 minutes, uphill, into the wind. Then I was a mile away from home and had to get back somehow. The return mile was a slow slog. Another 7 minutes of running interspersed with periods of walking. Ran at a slow enough pace that my lungs didn’t resist as much as last time out, but, some pretty intense discomfort in the soles of my feet, and a short burst of extreme pain in my lower back, kept me from running the whole way. The back thing, I believe was an after effect of having tweaked it a bit taking out the garbage this morning, so I don’t think it is related to running and don’t anticipate it becoming a recurring issue.

Though running more slowly, still wasn’t comfortable enough to lose myself in deep thought. Instead, the mp3 player of my mind entertained me with the Smiths’ Shoplifters of the World Unite on repeat. That said, the mp3 player of my mind is not a real mp3 player. And this is the extent of the lyrics I had access to from the long-term memory banks:

Learn to love me
Assemble the ways
Now, today, tomorrow and always
[la-da-da-da-da-la-da-da] … well, never mind, never mind

Shoplifters of the world
Unite and take over
Shoplifters of the world
Hand it over
Hand it over
Hand it over

Half a verse and the chorus. On repeat.

By the way, since when has Morrissey looked like Bruce Campbell?

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  1. April 17, 2009 3:23 AM

    Ah, Shoplifters of the World: But last night the plans for a future war / Were all I saw on Channel 4.

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